XtractionOne Plus

smart liquid c02 extraction

xtractionone plus™

XtractionOne Plus offers CBD Industrial extraction services using state of the art liquid CO2 smart extraction equipment in Arizona. The equipment we have sourced and deployed are programmable to the quality of input biomass. Thus, creating the higher efficiency in extracting the most CBD, Terpene and other desired Cannabinoid content out of the input materials with little to no waste. Creating more value for our clients’ investment.
The cbd market is blossoming
One of the fastest growing subsets of cannabis concentrates is industrial hemp derived CBD, which won’t get you high at all. CBD, short for  cannabidiol , is the main non-psychoactive compound found in marijuana and hemp. It does not interact with the body the same way as THC and cannot get you high. At the same time, CBD has many of the plant’s most significant medical and medicinal benefits.
Need for efficient Extraction

The 2019 and 2020 hemp cultivation seasons will be massive.  We expect the power balance between cultivators and extractors to continue to heavily favor extractors and we are seeing that part of the industry expand massively to be able to handle the significant amounts of hemp biomass that will be harvested and will ultimately be processed.